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Pro Tips for Rapid Fat Loss

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

There’s a plethora of reasons that people look to clean up their diet, increase their time spent in the gym, hitting the pavement or just moving around. The most common, by far seems to be weight loss, particularly fat loss. Well it’s best to take a marathon over sprint approach and build lifestyle habits that will ensure continued success (a caloric deficit and an anti-inflammatory diet to name the most potent), some folks simply want fast results. There is no magic pill, but I put together a few potent “hacks,” for those willing to put in some extra work into their daily routine.

Pro Tools for Rapid Fat Loss

  1. Practice an intermittent fast, also known as time-restricted eating. There was a rumor going around years ago, that fasting wrecks your metabolism and causes your body to hold onto every ounce of weight it can because of this thing called “starvation mode.” Um, no. Our bodies were designed to go days without eating without experiencing these catabolic catastrophes. The average person has 10’s of 1000’s worth of calories stored as body fat, even those who are very lean! You’d have to be in a serious caloric deficit to experience a true problem. Fasting increases the bodies ability to detox through a process called cellular autophagy. Start with 12 hours (finish dinner by 8pm and don’t eat again until 8am) and work your way to 16 hours for maximum autophagy benefits (fasting from dinner to next day’s lunch for most people). The cellular cleanup will help to detox and destroy inflamed fat cells and help keep your calories down throughout the day.

  2. Practice fasted cardio. Before ending your fast, take 10-40 minutes to move around. This can be a walk around your block, some yoga, jumping jacks or wrestling with your significant other (my favorite). This will force your body to burn a little bit of stored body fat, having not been fueled by anything other than some water, black coffee, tea or any other zero-calorie beverage you might have consumed during your fast, so body fat will be your fuel. Keep it light. Enjoy the movement or enjoy the wrestling.

  3. Embrace Cold. This is going to be the most extreme of the information I’m giving you. By topping off your fast and fasted cardio by getting cold, you are going to increase the mobility and burning of fatty acids, specifically targeting what is called brown-adipose tissue. By activating this “brown" fat, you are essentially super-charging fat loss and giving yourself a potent boost of energy in the process. The way you're going to do this; a cold shower. This is very difficult for some, so here's the hack. Either use hot/cold exposure by switching between 30 seconds of hot to 30 seconds of cold or take your normal warm to hot shower and simply finish with 30-60 seconds of as cold as you can get it. I've written about this extensively on my blog which you can check out here.

  4. Control your glycemic variability aka your blood sugar. We talked about creating an anti-inflammatory diet and kicking processed food to the curb, but now I'd like to talk a little bit about macro-nutrient manipulation or in less words, meal timing. You can control you bodies insulin spikes through what you decide to put in your mouth and when you decide to put it there. Opt for your breakfast and lunch to consist of mostly healthy sources of fat, fiber and protein. Keep carbs absolutely minimal until the evening. By using this technique, you will keep your body satiated throughout the day and get about one major insulin spike per 24-hour cycle. Insulin spikes and blood sugar variations throughout the day are linked to weight gain, decreased satiety, (increased appetite, overeating), and has been shown to trigger diabetic symptoms at worst. You will reap the benefits of refilling muscle glycogen at the end of your day and your blood sugar coming back down at the perfect time, when you're going to sleep. Which brings me to Pro Tip #5

  5. Sleep like you mean it. They say you should be sleeping 7-9 hours per night, but to some, including myself, that is a fairytale. Aim for quality over quantity. In my opinion, based on my experience and knowledge, 6-7 hours of good sleep should do it. Increase quality of sleep by avoiding caffeine after 2-3pm and by creating a bulletproof sleep routine. This should include limiting your exposure to TV's, computer screens, cell phones and other bright light devices that omit blue-light, a serious melatonin disruptor. Melatonin, like cortisol, is a hormone your body begins to release at around sun set and peaks when you're a few hours deep in sleep. By controlling your exposure to sun-like lighting found in our devices, we are optimizing melatonin production and ensuring we sleep deeply through the night. If you must use your devices late at night, purchase blue-light blocking glasses and wear them at night time, about an hour or two before bed. ($10-$60 on Amazon). You may look nerdy to your friends, significant other and dog, but your body will thank you. Make your bedroom dark as you can by purchasing some black-out curtains and keeping your cell phone in the other room (this will help omit EMF’s too). By getting a good nights sleep, your body will continue to cleanse itself of unwanted fatty-tissue and provide you with plenty of energy to kick ass the next day.

That’s it. And I can’t stress enough the fact that real results take time and “yo-yo dieting” is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Take your time. Make small changes. Buy a paleo or ancestral nutrition based cookbook. Move around. Find a trainer or training buddy. Do the work. Do so well doing the tips mentioned above, and I’ll let you punch me in the nose if you don’t find success. As always.


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