• Jay Campbell

New Year, New You?!

It's just hit two weeks into 2021 and I have to ask; how that "New Year, New You" going?

This was supposed to be the year! It's keto time. It's time to start saving, investing and planning. We were all gonna quit smoking and start drinking more water. We're going to meditate, get to bed by 9:00 pm and start calling our Mom more. Less Netflix, more books. All that.

As much as it seems like I'm making a mockery of the aforementioned New Year's resolution, I actually love the idea. Calling 2020 a shit show is an insult to shit. From Kobe to Corona, not one person I know deserved the sadness and stress of the past year. So how can we make this year different? Mother Teresa once said "Love begins at home, and it's not how much we do, but how much love we put in that action." So maybe 2021 is the year we love our selves a little more. Love ourselves enough to work on our health, to sweat a little more, drink more water, eat less sugar, sleep more. Or maybe love ourselves enough to start that rainy day fund or start saving for a sick family vacation. But how can we make this years resolutions different? I'll tell you.

Find Your "Why."

When setting a goal, it isn’t enough to simply say; “I want to squat 405 pounds.” It’s good to be specific, but you have to ask yourself how that accomplishment will fit into the overall picture. How is squatting 4 plates going to make you happy and satisfied? Why does being able to do that matter to you?

If you don’t understand your why, then goals become easy to disregard. You’ll get to where you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I go to the gym today? Well, my goal was to squat 405, but screw it, what do I really need that for?

Start with a big-picture goal—your North Star or “mission” in life. Ultimately, everybody wants to be happy and loved, so how does squatting mad weight, losing 20 pounds, starting your own company, or whatever else you want to do in life fit into that greater vision?

The correct answer is going to be unique to you and something you can only find yourself.

If you're having trouble with that question, try this.

Ask yourself, "What do you love about the world?" Think of the things that get you excited to wake up in the morning and include yourself, because without self-love, you won't get far.

Now, what is hurting those things that you love?

Think about what forces exist that intrude on the things you care about or hold them back. Are they political, physical, environmental, financial? People you know or things you’ve been supporting?

What is the most important role you could play to help those things you love?

Determine the simplest courses of action you can take to support the people, places, things, or ideas that you value, and then choose the one that you feel the most compelled to begin work on.

Applying these questions to our squat for example, we can put the idea of lifting 405 pounds from your ass into a much greater context—and therefore find much stronger motivation to achieve it.

Maybe one of the things you love about the world is how it can be changed.

That you can change yourself—change your body—and inspire other people to do the same.

Maybe you feel the ability to change the world is endangered by self-doubt—people who don’t believe in themselves and therefore don’t try.

So, perhaps, the most important thing you can do is prove that you can change and therefore lead by example.

If you want to squat 405, you were probably inspired to start lifting weights by someone else who set a positive example of what weight training can do for your life. Your squatting 405 could be symbolic of you paying it forward to the same kind of skinny, weak, unconfident, kid you used to be.

And now it’s your mission.

You’re going to squat 405 to prove that anybody can become more powerful, and in learning what it takes to do so, you’re going to inspire and empower other people who have been in your shoes to do the same.


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