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"BIOHACK" Your Work Desk

This past week, I totally hacked my work desk and I’m really loving this setup.

First off, I was never a tech-junkie, but after switching from Android to Apple and from PC to Mac and tablet to iPad, I’m a total fanboy. All of the above run SO smooth.

Second, this is an electric sit/stand desk that is unbelievably convenient. As a blogger, podcaster and coach, I spend a damn lot of time writing, reading, and recording, and the last thing I’d want to do is be sitting down for hours trying to get that all that in. The Desk Stando 9000 (made up name... this is a desk from Office Depot) is a game changer.

Thirdly, with three available monitors (Apple 27’’ Thunderbolt, 16’’ MacBook Pro and 12.9’’ iPad Pro), I’m able to get more work done in less amount of time. Not to mention, my favorite scent from North South Candles, the anti aging and pain relief from red and near-infrared light from my Joovv Mini and the dope glow that comes from my Himalayan sea salt lamp.

There's a reason I meticulously planned and decorated my work space to such an extent and as fresh as it looks and feels, it wasn't for vanity.

The superstar of this setup is for sure my stand up desk. Back pain is something that over 80% of adults will experience in their lifetime and one of the greatest complaints of truck drivers and office workers who tend to be sedentary most of their day. Aside from back pain, in 2013 a study of office workers showed that standing for 185 minutes after lunch reduced the workers' blood sugar levels by 43% compared to those sitting for the same time period. Another study hypothesized that sitting and increased sedentary time has been linked to an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. During the “Take-a-Stand Project” in 2011, a group of 24 office workers provided with a standing desk reported improved mood states over the 4 week period where they reduced time spent sitting by an average of 66 minutes.

At the end of the 4-week intervention period, participants were asked a series of questions regarding the specific benefits of alternating between sitting and standing positions. Their responses were:

“87% felt more comfortable, 87% felt energized, 75% felt healthier, 71% felt more focused, 66% felt more productive, 62% felt happier, and 33% felt less stressed as a result of having the sit-stand device installed at their workstations.”

Interestingly enough, when the sit-stand desks were removed, the participants reported a deterioration in mood. This suggests that using a standing desk needs to be a part of a complete lifestyle adjustment in order to obtain the full benefits.

The tech continues with one of my greatest investments to date in not only improving my anti-aging routine, but my sleep, workout recovery and overall energy and that is my Joovv red and near-infared light panel. Sitting on my desk is the Joovv Mini, one of the company's smaller and more affordable options (you should see some of the monster panels they sell). Red light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated natural light to your skin and cells. Super quick and super easy, all you have to do is sit or stand in the light for 5 to 15 minutes, as close to daily as possible. This gives the mitochondria in your cells the natural light they need to make the energy that powers your body. Joovv uses medical-grade LEDs to shine natural red and near infrared light on your body, just like the wavelengths of light your body needs from natural sunlight, but without the heat or UV rays that cause sun damage, and without the need for sunny weather.

Sometime over the next few weeks, I'll be releasing a blog and podcast all about the benefits of red-light therapy that go way more in depth so stay tuned :)

Some other cool toys and gadgets littered across the 'Desk Stando 900' are;

  • A Himalayan Salt Lamp to balance electromagnetic radiation with all this cool tech running all the time, cleanse, deodorize, and purify air, calm any potential allergies or cough, boost blood flow, raise energy, sharpen concentration, enhance mood. And it looks pretty af.

  • Christian Gratitude Journal which I use daily as part of my enlightenment and gratitude practice. The studies on what a gratitude practice can bring to the table are boundless.

  • A Blue Yeti USB mic for podcasting, I believe this is one of the best.

  • Either "Tea Time" or "Peace of Mind" scents from North South Candles which I believe are some of the best candles on the planet.

  • An ergonomic keyboard for long hours of typing.

  • A foldable monitor stand for the biggest monitor which also serves as a tablet stand or phone holder.

Have you thought about optimizing your work space?! If you’re working from home or have a side gig that requires lots of time on a computer or laptop, I really couldn’t recommend it enough!


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