New Year, New You?!

It's just hit two weeks into 2021 and I have to ask; how that "New Year, New You" going? This was supposed to be the year! It's keto time. It's time to start saving, investing and planning. We were all gonna quit smoking and start drinking more water. We're going to meditate, get to bed by 9:00 pm and start calling our Mom more. Less Netflix, more books. All that. As much as it seems like I'm making a mockery of the aforementioned New Year's resolution, I actually love the id

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for the Fit & Productive

Ah, technology. You either love or hate that iPhone’s, droids, tablets and computers run the world. More than ever, I notice people doing more to disconnect from their screens rather than to create more reasons to be on them. The gym or kitchen can be a great escape from mindless IG scrolling of Facebook trolling, so why add more clicking to your day? Read along to find out. Here are some of the best apps I’ve found (and use!) for increased productivity in life, in the kitche

Can Meat be Healthy?

The most common message I get when people reach out to talk health is the following; “I’m giving up (or trying to give up meat).” I resist the urge to educate and simply ask the question, “Why?”It's usually something along the lines of “well meats bad for you... everyone knows that,” or “I saw (insert screwball documentary or celebrity here) say that you really don’t need it so why not?” There’s no one size fits all diet, that’s for sure, but, it’s pretty damn close. If you

"BIOHACK" Your Work Desk

This past week, I totally hacked my work desk and I’m really loving this setup. First off, I was never a tech-junkie, but after switching from Android to Apple and from PC to Mac and tablet to iPad, I’m a total fanboy. All of the above run SO smooth. Second, this is an electric sit/stand desk that is unbelievably convenient. As a blogger, podcaster and coach, I spend a damn lot of time writing, reading, and recording, and the last thing I’d want to do is be sitting down for h

Pro Tips for Rapid Fat Loss

There’s a plethora of reasons that people look to clean up their diet, increase their time spent in the gym, hitting the pavement or just moving around. The most common, by far seems to be weight loss, particularly fat loss. Well it’s best to take a marathon over sprint approach and build lifestyle habits that will ensure continued success (a caloric deficit and an anti-inflammatory diet to name the most potent), some folks simply want fast results. There is no magic pill, b